My name is Ivy and I we´╗┐lcome you to my art portfolio.

Tattoo artist, content creator, painter.

Who am I?

You can find me as @ivsleeps on all the social media. I have been involved with art since I was very young, always interested in all things creative and pretty. Then continuing on primary art school where I learned a lot of techniques and tried different mediums - after which I had a pause as I was trying to find my voice and what to pursue in life. I have dabbed into many fields and paths in my life, whether it was social media or living the corporate life. What I have found is that art is truly the only thing that excites me and makes sense for me. I was always involved with an alternative scene, whether it was music, art or just lifestyle in general, so I got exposed to tattooing many years ago. I was practicing for some time and got to apprentice under my best friend - she gave me the technique knowledge and understanding of the basics of the craft. I am still on a path to learn, while always trying to improve my artistic skills - but I have decided what to pursue - and here you can see some parts of my passion.

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